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Study with the Nerd in my online course, "Personal Branding 101."

Learn how to put your best YOU forward!


"Why should I take this course?"

Personal Branding 101: Putting Your Best You Forward

A New Beginning

Are you just starting a new business? Is it the "business of you?" Personal Branding 101 will teach you things you have probably never considered.

A Checkup

Have you reached a plateau in your personal brand? Not sure what to do next? Personal Branding 101 will point you in the right direction.

A Refresher

Have you lost your brand mojo? Personal Branding 101 is the perfect way to remind you of the basics. Get a new perspective and come out of the brand gate swinging.


My mission is to use my passion for communications research to help others reach their goals.

It’s by true, good, old fashioned research that we form a winning communications strategy in the face of ever-changing and new technology.

It’s the art of genuine storytelling that attracts people to your brand. It attracts people to you.

Being consistent keeps a brand going. Being authentic makes it strong.